Deep Forest Yoga for relaxation, recovery and muscle care

The effect of the combination of forest and yoga on well-being is strong

  The Deep Forest Yoga combines natural recharging and revitalizing effects on the yoga's balancing effect. Even after the first session you can feel the difference, but the experiences of each human being are toned by his own personality, temperament, state of health and past experiences. The experience is also influenced by seasons and natural conditions such as sun, wind, temperature, humidity and earth shapes. In Deep Forest Yoga, thousands of years old yoga traditions are combined with evergreen woods and human natural coexistence with nature.

Versatile stimuli activate the brain layers evenly 

Our hearing, vision, taste, odor, and touch get stimulated in the woods and thus give a lot to process to the body and mind. Therefore different brain layers are comprehensively activated. In nature we act correctly instinctively. Nature catches our unintentional attention, which does not require effort or conscious concentration. When our senses are used in a variety of ways, our presence increases and the inner bundle ceases.

Nature's revitalizing effects start after only a 10-minute-stay in nature

The revitalizing effects of nature are partially unconscious. Even a ten-minute stay in the woods will lower blood pressure and heart rate, and will lower respiratory rate. Being in nature lowers the level of stress hormones (eg cortisol and adrenaline) and raises the level of pleasure hormones (eg serotonin and endorphin). Being in nature will strengthen cellular care, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and increase immune defense in the body, thereby improving the ability of defense against viruses, for example. Exposure to soil germs increases resistance. In the forest it is fres and it is easy to breathe because the trees produce oxygen and bind air pollution. Conifers produce phytoniced with antibiotic effect. Air in a young coniferous forest can be almost sterile.

Even 20-minute stay in nature promotes emotional well-being 

Experiences of recovery promote emotional well-being. Even after 20 minutes your mood will improve. Thoughts are clarified and structured. In nature you experience sufficiency. At best, self-consciousness develops because sensory stimuli give plenty to process to the body and mind. Simplicity, lightness and naturalness increase and the chaotic feeling is reduced. The slow rhythm of nature and its silence affect us comprehensively. This will help us live in the moment.